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This unique and customisable course will enable you to gain hands-on expertise in the area of cancer. It has been created to suit all levels from beginners and seasoned practitioners. This is no ordinary course! We live in a new normal of overwhelming digital information. This 'learn-at-your-own-pace' course enables you to pick and choose the subject matters within oncology that are most important to your career and situation. Join expert Practitioner Patricia Peat with over 30 years’ experience in both orthodox and integrative cancer support and gain safe, practical and evidence-informed knowledge around cancer support.
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A unique Approach to Learning

A Fully Customisable and Individualised Training in Integrative Cancer Support. This is no ordinary course!


    Self-paced learning allows you to learn on your own terms, and in a way which suits your learning style. Our comprehensive course does not follow a rigid approach but rather allows to learn in flexible timings.


    Customised learning works to support you by allowing the course to be focused on your needs, skills and interests. Our Course consists of bundles of modules that you can choose from and add on according to your needs.


    Build Confidence with knowledge. Get support and insight on building communication bridges with other professionals in the medical industry as well as managing clients expectations of integrative approaches.

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About Patricia Peat

Integrative Practitioner

Integrative Practitioner

Patricia Peat

In her 20 years as an oncology nurse, Cancer Options founder Patricia Peat Dip Pall C Dip UTR saw thousands of cancer patients struggle with difficult emotions: shock, fear, anxiety, grief, trepidation, uncertainty. In 2000 she founded Cancer Options to provide cancer patients with access to information and research that would empower them. She also developed coaching and consultancy services designed to ensure they get all they need. And the results have been profound: thousands of clients who have been supported on their journeys to finding the right support to deal physically and emotionally with the challenges and change that cancer can bring, not just for them but for those around them. Patricia's wealth of experience, wit and ability to simplify complex information makes her an excellent educator. For more information, contact us here: