Foundation Course in Cancer Care

Our Foundation Course will give you robust yet practical knowledge to start using the tools of cancer support in clinical practise. Join Patricia for this 6 weeks Live Course and Q&A starting on the 20th April 2021.

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  • The Biology and Metabolics of Cancer Development and Metastases

  • The Concepts Behind Integrative Support , where Nutrition/Neutraceuticals are Valuable

  • Potential Interactions and Contraindications with Clients Medical treatment

  • Immunotherapy Developments & Support Strategies

  • Supporting Clients Psychological/Emotional Challenges when Dealing with Cancer

  • The Art & Science of Working as a Practitioner Supporting Your Clients

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Join Patricia for this 6 weeks Live Course and Q&A starting on the 20th April 2021at 6:30pm. Be part of an amazing community today!

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Testimonial by Nancy Silverstein

Learn to stand on a platform that is solid, informative and impactful

"I urge anyone who has been hesitant up to now as to the metabolic approach to cancer, what to say and how to support, to invest in Patricia's training. You will not be disappointed!".  - Nancy Silverstein

Testimonial by Robin Daly

Patricia Peat has been at the forefront of the development of Integrative Oncology in the UK

"I am absolutely delighted that, with the establishment of the Peat Institute, its full potential can be realised, as practitioners everywhere gain direct access to a wealth of detailed and specialised information with which to benefit many, many more people facing cancer". - Robin Daly, Chairman Yes to Life

The Foundation Course

25 years in cancer care