The PEAT Institute brings you one of the most comprehensive learnings in Integrative Cancer Knowledge

Why join our events and courses?

Our aim is to provide you with research-based training and courses in the latest methods in integrative oncology. 

The PEAT institute training has been designed to give you the knowledge about cancer as a metabolic disease enabling you to build the confidence and skill in working with people dealing with cancer or in remission. 

Aiming to fit into your busy life, we will be developing a library of topics on all the various cancers and subjects you need.

Mentorship support, live Q and A’s to all our sessions and ongoing mentorship as you develop your practice. Aimed at taking all the science to working integratively and developing the art of applying that to the individual person in a  way that empowers them 

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About the Peat Foundation for Cancer Care

The Peat Foundation has been formed to provide an education and support resource for practitioners and carers supporting people with cancer. After 30 years of working in oncology as a nurse and 21 years of that in integrative cancer support this is the natural progression for Patricia Peat to share everything she has learnt over the years about Integrative Oncology.

Over these years the there have been fundamental changes in the how we view managing cancer:

  • The research evidence showing the way cancer manifests as a metabolic disease where the lifestyle interventions undertaken by the individual can have an effect has increased in both quantity and quality

  • Our understanding of how cancer cells manipulate their extracellular environment and how the health of that environment can help people.

  • Some of the more questionable approaches of old which deters doctors from taking an interest in worldwide practitioners are training in nutrition, naturopathy, holistic therapies to a very high academic standard. Research and evidence driven training into functional medicine,  how disease starts and what manifests in the body provides the pathway back to health which is both in hi individual and precise. 

  • The work of ground-breaking research practitioners such as Dr Nasha Winters, Jane McClelland, Travis Christopherson is shaping the future of integrative oncology support that is scientifically based and outcome measurable. 

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  • The Biology and Metabolics of Cancer Development and Metastases

  • The Concepts Behind Integrative Support, where Nutrition/Neutraceuticals are valuable

  • Potential interactions and contraindications with clients medical treatment

  • Develop Expertise in Immunotherapy Developments & Support Strategies

  • How to Support Clients Psychological/Emotional Challenges when dealing with cancer

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